Flying Solo Gear

Flying Solo Gear Company started in February 2016 in a shoebox apartment in Southbank, Victoria a day after a crash took this pair out for 3 months (see photo). The resources: a budget of $125 and the mindset of a hungry lion.

The idea to create a waistpack and then a company started as a way to reduce serious injury to the internal organs in a crash. Afterall, who would want a mobile phone or keys being lodged into your right kidney? You can read more about the founding story here.

In September 2016, Flying Solo Gear Co went live and sold dozens of its first product, The Killswitch Pack, on launch day. A few months later, we scraped together enough money and debuted at the Australian Motorcycle Expo.

Now armed with a bit more street smarts, director Amanda (and her bike Sheba) decided in February 2017 to take on a solo motorcycle tour around Australia. It took 18,000km and 40 days.

As soon as they were home, the Raptor Knee Sliders were designed and presales commenced.

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Showing all 4 results