Blackbird Motorcycle Wear


There was a full moon, a Ducati 1100 and us on a winding country road, nothing else. Clearly, it was love at first ride.

“Having many friends with motorbikes meant I learnt to distinguish between the bikes approaching from the sounds they made – from the low humming rumble of the Ducati to the higher pitch of the Japanese bikes”

This heady mix sparked Blackbird Motorcycle Wear into life many years later when Founder and Managing Director Belinda McPhee found her love of motorcycles again.

Years later, when her family joined her with their own licenses and bikes, they were disappointed with the range of motorcycle wear available.

“The choices were: a full on MotoGP race look; or traditional biker gear – with almost no women’s wear at all. Anyone wanting to ride had to conform to those looks.

“As an interior designer, I knew how to source materials and work with high-quality manufacturers and I wanted to do better.”

Riding a motorcycle frees the spirit – you can find peace, seek out adventure, dare to be yourself. Your motorcycle gear should not only provide some protection, it should match your personality and style too.

Since 2013 our range has grown to men’s and women’s jackets, jeans, gloves and accessories and this ethos remains the core of Blackbird Motorcycle Wear.

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear allows you to ride with both the journey and the destination in mind. Express your style however you want, knowing you’ve chosen highly quality armour and protection, sustainably sourced materials and gear designed by riders, for the rider on and off the bike.

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