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Introducing – MotoGirl Leggings

Whilst on our search for quality gear that looked good, we couldn’t go past these great leggings from MotoGirl

Made with a full-length lining made from 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber, The fit of these leggings is great!

They are available in 2 styles, Plain knee or ribbed knee (for that bit more abrasion resistance)

Having worn these leggings for a little while now i can say that they are a very high quality product and very comfortable.
The leggings have 2 layers of material, the inner layer is Dupont Kevlar and the outer layer is polyester woven with an abrasion resistant material for added strength.
With a high waist and Thick belt loops, they also have pockets for CE Hip protectors which can be purchased seperately.
CE-Approved Level 2 knee protection is also included but can be removed if needed.
Best of all they look great!

Check out the MotoGirl leggings HERE