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Ever seen a gorilla riding a 250cc banana?

Ever seen a gorilla riding a 250cc banana?

Well I have.

Last Saturday we headed off to an event we sponsor called Dust Hustle.  It’s the fourth time this event has been put on by Ellaspede, a Brisbane custom motorcycle business.

Dust Hustle is probably the only place you can see unicorns, brides, panda bears and tuxedos racing on dirt tracks for no reason other than to have fun all day riding on dirt tracks, on bikes that were not designed for dirt.  There’s no first place, no trophies, no real rules other than to have fun.

According to Ellaspede “Why ride dirt on the woefully inappropriate? Because no good story ever started with …I was riding the perfect bike in excellent conditions.” Dust Hustle.
Here’s a link to the video we did on the day –